What is Expected of Community Moderators?

  • Encourage and promote respectful and constructive discussions, and address any behaviour that goes against our community’s spirit to be(e) nice.
  • Assist people by answering their questions, offering guidance, and helping them navigate the platform effectively, ensuring they feel heard.
  • Where possible, give admins and/or your fellow active mods concerns, improvements, or insights you have from your section of our community.

What Powers do Community Moderators Have?

We expect moderators to use these responsibly, obviously:

  • The ability to remove or hide posts, comments, or other content that violate our community guidelines.
  • The authority to issue warnings to users who breach our mantra, and in severe cases, temporarily suspend their accounts.

We generally encourage a compassionate approach to moderating, though. Unless someone is clearly unproductive, we encourage you as a mod to engage in constructive dialogue before banning. And if you don’t have the energy for this, you can flag a post to bring it to an admin’s (or another mod’s) attention.

Additionally: blatantly misusing these or using them maliciously will be instant grounds for demotion, and in the latter case likely permanent banning from the site. Do not do that, please and thank you.

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