Bots should be clearly prompted by a command

Bots that always post without human intervention are noisy and are often unwanted.

Bots should not act in a community without mods from that community being contacted first

Moderators should not have to chase down the bots being used in their community, it should be opt-in. Just ask, be nice.

Bots should minimize the space they take with their messages

A bot’s response should be a small as possible to avoid taking space that could be used by people.

Example: The information on how to contact its creator should be in the bot’s account description rather than in every message

Bots should say who made/hosts it

Bots should have information about how to who their creator is to allow moderators and admins to contact them. We need to be able to contact creators when their bots are misbehaving or if we want to use them.

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